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Server admin - Code of conduct

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Server admin - Code of conduct

Post by UP^AlterRed on 2nd May 2013, 03:33

With great power comes great responsibility, someone said.

We trust all of our full members with admin rights on the servers. That means that when playing, we're all responsible of ensuring a fair experience to the rest of the users, and making sure cheaters get their just punishment. There are also things that we avoid doing, in order to not abuse our privileges.

Examples of what is expected of server admins:

Know how to use our main admin tool Procon. Check the link here if you don't.

Know how to use the ingame chat commands. Clicky.

If teams are unbalanced, you should make sure they are scrambled for the next round using !scrambleround. If people get separated from their squad, and ask you to relocate them after the scramble, help them out within reason.

If one of the teams is baseraping the other, you should first send out a couple of verbal warnings using the !yell command, e.g. "NO BASERAPE OR US TEAM WILL BE NUKED!".
If these warnings are not heeded, then issue the nuke. Be prepared to be called names after this has happened, as perfectly innocent players will also be affected. That's ok.
If needed, remind everyone that an admin kill does not alter K/D...

Only use a nuke when there is a reasonable chance that it will balance out the gameplay. Don't do it in the end of the round, when all it will do is prolong the losing team's misery. Instead, see the previous point about scrambling teams so things are more even on the next map. (If less than 100 tickets, no nuking and we dont nuke in CQ Assault / Rush).
Do not use a nuke except in cases of prolonged baserape which the losing team is not able to break out of. A lot of times these things sort themselves out.

If you find someone with suspicious behaviour or stats, or if several players are complaining about "hackers", investigate them. Check their stats using cheatometer etc, and by running a PB screenshot from Procon.
See if you can check with your own eyes what's going on.
Make sure you have enough proof, or a very strong suspicion, that someone's using macros/hacks before taking action.

If you find someone who is obviously using hacks, and can justify this if asked, then kick them. If it's a case of blatant abuse, ask a staff member to perm ban them from the servers.

Remember however that you will quickly get a badmin reputation if you shout "hackers!" to everyone that kills you - and that servers with badmins normally are empty for a reason. Here's where we come to the next point:

Examples of what's forbidden:

Don't act immature in the chat. Be (somewhat) polite and act responsibly. Don't get goaded into flame wars - if someone acts disrespectfully to you or other players, first warn them and then kick them if they don't stop. Keep name calling to a minimum.

Don't use any admin command for vengeance or because you're frustrated. Don't nuke the better team if you're losing. Don't !kill the guy who has knifed you 3 times in a row. Don't !kill the guy teabagging you. Don't !kill a guy because he's a better player than you. It's all part of the game.

Don't accuse people of macros or hacking if you can't also explain why. Remember that 90% of all players who keep killing you are simply better than you are. Remember that DICE's hit detection sometimes kills us after we've rounded a corner. Check their stats first to see if you see anything out of the ordinary. If you don't know what to look for, ask a staff member and we'll be glad to show you a few examples.

Make sure you can state your case when you kick someone. Make sure you have an even stronger case if you want someone banned. Sometimes people come to our forum to complain about admin abuse. We need to make sure we can explain why we took the actions we did.

Never use any hacks, recoil/autofire macros, or methods to boost your stats or unlocks. Using any admin commands to help you with your score is of course also strictly forbidden.

We all share the UP clantag. It's a thing we can all be proud of - let's keep it that way.

Update: Our server rules can be found here: Click

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