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Problems about bf4 pro gaming.

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Problems about bf4 pro gaming.

Post by Panzerpaddan on 27th March 2013, 00:52

Hi, i know everyone is hoping 4 bf4.

But im kinda scared it will only just be, a public game. As (bf3)
Im gonna talk a little from a High ladder gamer point of view.

If there is no spectator mode, battlerecorder, commander. /yes i know a commander aspect will exist in bf4, but not as bf2./.
Well if they only have same things they had i bf2, they would evovle immense on clan side.
But no, they need money, so this game will probably have "commander mode" yea. But not spectator, that will be in bf 5?

The sun, seems more immense in bf4 than bf3. Wtf, just gief as a little modtool. To turn down somethings, to optimize for best gaming experience within clan gaming.

From this point and final word. IF there is a commander that is ok by my taste, i will play clan games.
But if it isnt anything clan supporting in this game, i will only play public, as i do know in bf3.

Though i already has pre-ordered it.

PS. funnt thing is, people who baught MoH just for beta access. Well know premium pre orderes get it to, suckaaas Very Happy

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