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Beta BF 4 for all Premium users BF 3 :)

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Beta BF 4 for all Premium users BF 3 :)

Post by UP^Nueforn on 25th March 2013, 06:59

Today o find intresting info in PL web about game Razz
Premium subscribers are likely to be able to take part in the tests Battlefield fourth This is the result of at least the information that appears in the summary of orders for service in Origini. BFZone Service published a summary screen with Screen Premium service contract in the Polish Origini. It shows that these paid accounts include access not only to the addition to the "troika", but also ... the fourth beta of Battlefield A similar phrase also appeared in the Russian Origini. Until now it was known that the latest production tests DICE players will take part only contracting przedpremierowo Medal of Honor: Warfighter. As you can see - not only.
Look that photo
And if u know polish u can see orginal info Very Happy
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