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UP-Community server rules!

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UP-Community server rules!

Post by UP^Jaskaman on 3rd February 2012, 12:41

General rules in every UP server: (updated 24.1.2014):

1) No baserape allowed in Conquest and in Rush at 1st base. Baserape covers also heli/jet/tank stealing from main/1st base!

2) Keep the chat clean/english only in main/team chat. (use squad chat for other languages)

3) No cheating/glitching allowed

4) Avoid whining. If you are being warned, stop whining. Constant whining will lead to kill/kick/ban.

5) We might nuke opposite/own team when baserape happens in Conquest maps when other team has no flags, but we do not use teamnuke in Rush/Assault.

6) Destroying own vehicles in base, blocking player while he tries to go to heli is not allowed.

7) Extreme  roofcamping is not allowed (extreme = being more than 15 mins)

8. No basecamping with vehicles (and SUAV/UCAV). This also covers no sniping from main base/1st base in rush. 

9) Server 1 and 2 Locker / Metro specific rule: No rpg/smaw/Sraw/m320(+lvg)/Airburst allowed. (Smokes allowed)

10. In server 2, if less than 9 players, tanks are not allowed!


(VIP slots are for sale now for BF4 non-members, ask info from Jaskaman. Pricing is 2.5€/month/server. ) Vip slots guarantee, that you don't get kicked when other VIP is joining and also you can join server without queue!
It also protects from autobalance. 

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