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Hackers at battleblog

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Hackers at battleblog

Post by UP^Jaskaman on 2nd February 2013, 22:47

Seems like a hacked poll appeared on Battlelog to some people over the weekend asking players about the Battlefield 4 beta in an attempt to steal usernames and passwords.

One on the options on the poll pointed to a website which was acting as a sign up page for the beta. DICE has since responded to the poll claiming that no data was compromised and logins are safe.

“No, logins are safe, there should be an announcement soon with more details. Edit: As a side note, it’s never a bad idea to update/change passwords regularly, but as of right now there is no cause for alarm,” the developer wrote on Reddit. “No, no data was compromised, this was simply an account being compromised.”

According to this, no data was stolen but it's always good to be careful.

-Anyway I didn't see this poll, did anyone saw this?
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