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About UP-Community

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About UP-Community

Post by UP^Jaskaman on 16th January 2012, 01:50

UP-Community was created 14.01.2012 by Jaskaman (and Tabernac.) Our target is to make this clan/community friendly and mature which consist of players who want to have good teamplay and have fun while playing. We are also playing clanwars, so teamplayers are needed to that too.

UP-Community players should have clean backround, cheating is totally not accepted. Our members should also show good example to public, admins are needed to do their work in a good way.

Every applicant, who is at least 18 years of old,  have an small interview based on the application.
If applicant is not known, he will have trial time around 2 weeks, that trial time no membership fee is needed. After he is accepted to full member, he is asked to pay membership fee, fee is 5 eur/month, 2 months minimum in advance. Offers for longer payments. 

Every full member (paid membership) must wear our clantag: UP
Every trial member (not full member yet) must wear our clantag: up
Please wear that clantag always.

It is not possible to be full member in other BF 4 community at same time (other games are ok).
Every paid member get basic admin rights to server.

We have 3 level of admin rights:
Level 1) Basic level for members:
Level 2) Advanced level for staff members:
Level 3) Community leader:
Trial members do not have admin rights.

Every member get VIP slot to our server. We also sell VIP slots for servers, ask info from Community leader Jaskaman.
Welcome to join to our community!
Owner/main admin
Owner/main admin

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