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Got new Nokia Lumia 800 today

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Got new Nokia Lumia 800 today

Post by UP^Jaskaman on 17th February 2012, 01:31

I got my new office phone, Nokia Lumia 800 today.
I can tell it feels good and design is really nice.
And also Win Phone 7.5 feels ok after using Android phone OS too.
Just a bit different approach.
But more about phone, I can suggest if you will go for new phone, consider this phone seriously.

Link to brittish site:
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Re: Got new Nokia Lumia 800 today

Post by Guest on 17th February 2012, 04:27

I like Iphone4 ..... Its the jesus phone.

I was doing a ton of handset testing with the iphone and W7.5 nokia phone.. Doing classic end user scenarios.. but managed to make the Nokia marketing guy embarassed when i demostrated that Nokia maps was full of holes.. if the end user programs in a route into the maps application.. then goes to send or read a received SMS text then goes back to Nokia maps, the application looses your original route.. his excuse was you shouldnt be texting and driving LOL..

They rushed that phone through to market, so watch out for firmware updates Jaska, to fix any issues they have. Its a very sexy phone for look and feel.. i suspect that the new tech designer nokia pinched from microsoft will make Nokia a market leader again..


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